Friday, April 13, 2018

May 31 Last day of school

Any students who come to school this day will help me clean up the classroom ready for the summer. 

May 30 Lagoon Day

Students who qualify (no suspensions, no "U" in citizenship), can buy Lagoon tickets.  We will leave the school about 9:15 AM and then leave Lagoon at 4:00 PM.  Students not going to Lagoon need to be excused for their absence or come to school to be supervised for the day.

May 29 Yearbook signing day

The entire period will be provided for students to sign yearbooks. 

May 25 University Visits

This is a regular day of school.  It is a wonderful opportunity for students to see one of the five post-high school campuses in Utah.  Students not attending will be attending class in another classroom.  I will also be going on a campus tour with students. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

May 23/24 Gushers & Dusters/Kortu! Oil & Gas Activity

This is the second and final day of the culminating activity of the year.  See previous day for details.  No bonus credit will be given for materials brought today.  

May 21/22 Gushers & Dusters/Kortu! Oil & Gas Activity

This is the culminating activity of the year.  A few students will get together to form a bank, drilling, or oil company.  They will be in competition and cooperation with others to do business in the field of petroleum.  Students will plan how to entice other companies to do business with them.  Possible plans include:
  • costumes (matching clothing)
  • a poster to advertise their company using predetermined colors
  • name tags with student & company name and colors
  • business cards to advertise their company 
  • food
Each student who brings these items will receive bonus credit, depending on quality, creativity, etc.  Bonus credit is ONLY received if students bring their materials on this day of the activity. 

May 18 Locker Clean-out & Mr. Clement

First we'll have locker clean-out.  

Mr. Clement will be a guest speaker.  He spent a lot of time in the energy industry, in a coal mine.  He will share valuable experiences with the class.